A Good Board Camera for FPV Lovers

Published: 11th March 2011
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Before introduce a board camera, let me introduce FPV first. FPV is known by many people and becomes more popular now. What is FPV? It is called First Person View, the term is used in describing what a person would be seeing if they where there in-person. For instance, if you placed a video camera on your forehead and allowed someone to watch your views via wireless video link, they would be watching the First Person Views of whatever you are looking at. So the term FPV caught on with the help of one of the pioneers of FPV piloting (cyber-flyer).

With the assistance of a wireless video transmitter and receiver the user will see what the Remote Controlled helicopter/plane/car sees from the driver/pilot seat. This gives the user a real sense of controlling their aircraft/vehicle in the skies or on the ground. Most of the people who enjoy FPV piloting and do well with it are typically persons who like video simulation games for example, flight simulators, auto racing, etc.

Generally, the FPV system includes the following components:

· Head Movement Tracking System

· Small camera

· 2.4G audio-visual transmitter

· 2.4G audio-visual receiver

· 7.4V800mAh lipoly for receiver

· 11.1V800mAh lipoly for transmitter

· Pan/tilt(including two 9g servoes)

· 2-3S lipoly charger

Well, for the FPV system the most important part is camera. For many FPV lovers will buy mini spy cameras or board cameras to be their film equipments. Board cameras are essentially tiny cameras that can take color or black and white photos or videos that are affixed to a circuit board. They are so small that emerging models are about the size of a quarter, making it easy to install, mount and hide.

Here I highly recommend a latest new board camera—- DSP 1/3 SONY CCD DNR High Resolution 650TVL SONY Effio-E without IR Board Camera. As its name, this camera is operated by Sony Effio-E CPU. With the HD 650TVL resolution it provides better and clearer images than 540TVL. Moreover, it gets the better color and less noisy point. However, one thing should remind you that this camera does not include IR function.

This camera is a great choice for FPV lovers. They should get one and enjoy catching and viewing the awesome beautiful images. Of course, this camera is not only for FPV but also can be used in a surveillance system. What are you waiting for? Just move and get it!


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